Monday, June 23, 2014

Simms' Kindergarten Graduation

I just cannot say enough wonderful things about Simms' year in Kindergarten. She learned SO much. She grew SO much. She came out of her little sweet shell. She made amazingly sweet friends. This was something I prayed and prayed about since her last year at Lime Light. I'd get that pit in my stomach about preK ending and then I'd just pray that K would be fine. That she'd love it and she'd grow and flourish and she did. Her Kindergarten graduation ceremony was precious. She worked so hard on her parts that she had to memorize and she did a great job! So thankful for an amazing year and amazing teachers in Miss Tina and Miss Christi. 

The night before graduation we let Simms open her gift from us. Goodness I didn't know what to get a K graduation student. I know my daughter though and I know how hard she worked this year, rarely complaining, and I know how badly she has wanted the Elsa gown and shoes (and how hard it was to find at a decent price) so when we got our hands on one we knew we would get that for her special gift. She was SO happy. Speechless in fact and grinning from ear to ear. 

She was so excited the morning of graduation. It was a bittersweet morning for me. Wasn't she just that sweet, beautiful, firstborn, new baby in my arms. How are we 6 and having kindergarten graduation ALREADY? We are so proud of our sweet Simms. For working so hard and for being such a sweet daughter, sister and friend. 

May 2014

Oh goodness was May busy! I'll do dance recital and Kindergarten graduation in separate posts. Nut here's a summary of May. 

Simms was the first person in her class to learn all 34 word lists. She was only required to know 11 lists of 10-15 words but she kept going. I'm so, so proud of her. 
She was also scientist of the week for her class. She chose 'Blobs in a Bottle' for her experiment. It was a scientific lava lamp and her class was very impressed. 
We put the swing up for Clarke. She loved it. My happy girl. 
Cope went turkey hunting for the first time. He came home with a cow bone. I mean a dinosaur bone, not cow. 
We spent a Saturday at the Cotton Pickin' Fair. Cope was so proud of his belt he had made. 
This beauty had her first cookie. 
Simms practiced her lines for K graduation lots. 
And this boy can't sleep without "Rufus" at night. 
Clarke began cruising around the rooms. 
And I was very blessed to have these 3 beside me on Mother's Day. 
Have I mentioned this baby has incredible eyes? She does. 
Helping plant my Mother's Day gift...a snowball bush!
Clarke and I enjoyed lunches with Simms at FRA. 
We had a great time at Bennett's 7th, yes 7th birthday party at the Boy Scout Adventure Center. 
The older 2 were so excited for their Field Day!
It wore this one out!
Last day of school for my babies!
Cope' send of the year party. I am so upset I didn't get pics of Simms' party!

Clarke turned 11 months. I cannot believe it. This sweet precious baby has taken over our hearts. I cannot even imagine our life without her. She is with me at all times, and you know what? I wouldn't change a thing about that. I hope this pic doesn't get cut off. 

Our pool days started after the last day of school!

Dru and I went to the Ducks Unlimited Banquet. And I won a gun. Ha!

We headed to the lake for Memorial Day weekend!

Cousins happy to be together!

Simms jumped off Chimney Rock!

We began some lazy summer mornings and days at the pool!

Birdie's favorite lotion

Dru and I enjoyed celebrating the Parham's new baby boy, Ware!